Our Name

The geographical location of our winery was the inspiration for our name Balanced Rock Winery. Located less than a mile from Devil’s Lake State Park, our owners spend countless hours, traversing the many trails, photographing the hills, and swimming with their children. Our name, logo and motto “live balanced”, pay homage to the amazing rock formation perched high above the south end of the lake. Surrounded by the utter chaos of hundreds of fallen boulders, this rock has stood in perfect balance with its surroundings since glaciers formed the lake thousands of years ago. Our owners, bogged down by the stress of constant moves, raising two young children, and managing two professional careers, desperately sought a sense of “balance” in their lives.

We believe that life, like great food, music or wine, is all about finding balance. Balanced Rock Winery was forged on the principle that a “life in balance, is a life well lived”.